"To break the connection with England" Wolfe Tone

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Belfast 32CSM Fundraiser.

The latest addition of the Sovereign Nation will be available in the next few days please contact a Cumann member for a copy.

By Francie Mackey, 32CSM Chairperson
The much publicised hand shake like on previous occasions have nothing to do with republicanism but are designed to propagate the Home Rule position and to emphasise the Provo conflict is over as they continue to mask the betrayal of all republican principles.
It is evident the PSF position is now fully embedded in the usurpation of the 1916 Proclamation and the Declaration of Independence and their participation in the violation of Irish National Sovereignty.
Irish republicans should not underestimate the tide of revisionism as we move closer to the centenary of the 1916 Rising and it is incumbent on all of us to truly reflect on that period and on the refusal by the British Government to accept the will of the Irish
people then and how that position continues to be assisted by those of the Home Rule mentality today.
Yes it is sad that those rogue republicans go to shake the hands of Commanders of the British Army when that same army murdered with impunity our fellow citizens. Not one has been brought to justice for their crimes whilst bereaved relatives have to live with the injustice.
The PSF leaders have abandoned their own people, they have abandoned all principles and they should be ashamed to call themselves republican.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Roger Casement cumann to be re-established in Belfast.

Due to an increase in members and support for the 32csm in Belfast,  we have decided to re-establish the Roger Casement cumann.
Anyone wishing to help out can contact the Belfast cumann at belfast32csm@hotmail.com

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Belfast 32CSM easter wreath layings

On Good friday, Belfast 32csm laid a wreath in honour of Charlie Monaghan at Short Strand memorial garden.
Charlie Monaghan, a member of the Gaelic league and Irish republican brotherhood joined the Irish volunteers 2nd batallion Dublin brigade, originally from Ballymacarret he died on good Friday 1916 in a car accident near Ballykissane pier on active service along with 3 other volunteers.

On easter Saturday, members of Belfasts WolfeTone/McCracken cumann 32CSM laid a wreath at the grave of Winifred Carney.
Maria Winifred Carney, known as Winnie, was a suffragist, trade unionist and Irish independence activist. Born in Bangor, County Down, her family moved to the Falls Road in Belfast when she was a child.
She was present with Connolly in theDublin General Post Office during theEaster Rising in 1916. Carney was the only woman present during the initial occupation of the building, which she entered armed with a typewriter and aWebley revolver. While not a combatant, she was given the rank of adjutant and was among the final group (including Connolly and Patrick Pearse) to leave the GPO.
After her capture, she was held inKilmainham Gaol and later interned in Aylesbury with Nell Ryan and Helena Moloney. The three requested that theirinternee status, and the privileges it brought, be revoked so that they would be held as normal prisoners with Countess Markievicz. Their request was denied but she was released in December 1916. After the Anglo-Irish Treaty and the formation of the Irish Free State, Carney sided with the Anti-Treaty forces and was arrested several times.
Carney died in 1943 after a long illness and is now buried in Belfasts Milltown Cemetery.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Lies and black propaganda by the media.

Yesterday February 22, the ‘Sunday life’ released an article with the intentions of discrediting the 32csm in Belfast and personally slandering the name of one of our members Martin Rafferty.
This type of black propaganda is nothing new to republicans, although due to the nature and content of this article we would like to publicly respond to the lies and accusations made by Tony Allen (Sunday life).
It is evident that this article is in direct response to a protest held a fe...w weeks ago by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Belfast against a so called ‘community policing’ meeting being held in Ligoniel between Sinn Fein and the rebranded RUC. The Belfast WolfeTone/McCracken cumann made it clear to all in attendance that this meeting had nothing to do with the wellbeing or safety of the community but instead was a tactic to put a false face on the political policing of republican areas and a means for MI5/Special Branch to carry out their shadowy acts.
As a result of the protest we firmly believe that Sinn Fein have been rattled and are now attempting to discredit the 32csm by publicly slandering individual members and creating mislead rumours through the media.
This article by Tony Allen states that our chairman Martin Rafferty “ordered” flags to be placed on top of tower blocks in the NewLodge area. In response to this we would like to make it clear that the 32csm have for the last lot of years been maintaining and replacing our national flag on top of the NewLodge flats whenever it becomes damaged due to the weather.
Another spurious claim says that Martin is “overseeing a major recruitment drive across Belfast” and that we are “purposely targeting teenagers in republican areas who have little education or employment prospects”. This is a blatant lie, membership to the 32csm is open to all and nobody is “targeted” in any way because of their age.
The article goes on to state that “quite a few kids have already signed up and that is largely down to Marty, who despite being a militant is very charismatic, but the danger for these kids is that they end up being used”, this accusation as far as we are concerned is nothing short of a desperate act to blacken Martin’s name and demonise him in the public eye, we would love to know where exactly Tony Allen got his information from (more than likely Sinn Fein) as the youngest member of the Belfast cumann is in their early 20’s.
This type of slander and black propaganda will not deter us in any way from our course, if anything it will only encourage us and make us more determined than ever to continue and grow.
As for the farcical community policing meetings held in the future, we will continue to disrupt them and make our opposition clear on British political policing in Ireland and the facilitation of said meetings by Sinn Fein.
Belfast Cumann 32csm.