"To break the connection with England" Wolfe Tone

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

North and West Belfast Cumainn at this years Wolf Tone Commemoration.

Below is the full address delivered by Francie Mackey Bodenstown 05/06/2015.

Standing here in 1913 Padraig Pearse said of Tone:
“I find here implicit all the philosophy of Irish Nationalism, all the teaching of the Gaelic League and the later prophets. Ireland one and Ireland free —is not this the definition of Ireland a Nation? To that definition and to that programme we declare our adhesion anew; pledging ourselves as Tone pledged himself —and in this sacred place, by this graveside, let us not pledge ourselves unless we mean to keep our pledge— we pledge ourselves to follow in the steps of Tone, never to rest, either by day or by night, until his work be accomplished”
Next year we will stand at the grave of Pearse and in recognition of one hundred years since the efforts of the men and women of 1916 we too must address the question of the accomplishment of Tone’s vision.
That vision does not belong at a graveside, it belongs amongst the people of the nation; in the integrity of their national sovereignty and in the dignity of the sovereignty of their citizenship.
To follow in the steps of Tone, as Pearse urges us to do, is to place in our care the onerous responsibility of moving Tone’s vision forward. And only by moving it forward can we claim to have discharged that responsibility in a fitting manner.
Our republicanism must be defined by our activism in its pursuit. Our activism must be the spearhead of all our political strategies. It is not enough to claim to be republican, it is not enough to align ourselves to historical events or form an association under a green banner. All claims to republicanism must be synonymous with its rigorous pursuit.
To do this we need to put in place two fundamental necessities:
A firm political and constitutional foundation and,
A political movement which is fit for purpose
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has established the first. The Submission to the United Nations sets out the terms for peace in Ireland. It does so with reference to the root cause of the conflict, the violation of Irish national sovereignty.
But it also lends itself to adoption because it is not a party political document. It is not confined by organisational constraints. It does not require any prior political allegiance to support its basic premise. There is no claim to ownership over it. It is a national and international expression of our lawful right to national sovereignty and as such is the property of the Irish people.
We once again urge all republicans to recognise the UN Submission as a basis to move forward with all our combined strategies and political ideas at our disposal.
The building of a political movement as a vehicle to advance republican goals is the shared responsibility of all republicans.
All constituted republican organisations deserve the equality and
respect for their contributions to such a movement.
Leadership in a revolutionary struggle is derived from comradeship and not control. The veracity of political strategies is predicated on the existence of organisational structures which are fit for purpose. Without comradeship Irish republicanism can never advance its goals.
The republican base is clearly fragmented. That fragmentation has more to do with an absence of comradeship than it does with political or ideological differences. We need to be honest with ourselves on this point; we cannot pay lip service to ideas of republican unity or building political vehicles whilst comradeship is lacking.
The parochial mindset is the bane of Irish republicanism. It has stifled growth, fuelled suspicion to the point of destructive mistrust and has gifted our enemies with the perfect mechanism to deter our people to stay away from this struggle.
And the absurdity of this state of affairs is most clearly demonstrated with the plight of republican prisoners. Their cells
all of have steel bars yet we segregate them into sub-groups and
divide and undermine our resources in catering for their needs and the needs of their families.
Republican prisoners, as members of the national army, are the responsibility of the nation and all people of our nation have the inalienable right to support them in whatever way they deem appropriate. You cannot claim to be fighting on behalf of the Irish people then demand of those people a narrow political agenda when it comes to seeking their support.
The task facing all Irish republicans at this point in our struggle is to rebuild a real sense of comradeship before we entertain any notions of republican unity. One cannot happen without the other.
The first step to be taken in this process is to acknowledge the legitimate right of different republican organisations to exist and to make it a republican principle to both respect and interact with each group to advance republican objectives.
Equally we must accord due respect to the ideas and strategies of all republican groups to the point that any disagreement on aspects of such ideas does not automatically lead to entrenched positions.
No group has a monopoly on any aspect of Irish republicanism not least when we must recognise that the over arching issue which binds us closer together is our collective failure to realise our goals.
But before us lies an unprecedented opportunity to reintroduce that sense of comradeship that is desperately required. The centenaries of the most important events in the republican calendar are upon us.
I call upon all republicans and socialists to carefully take stock and reflect on the magnitude of the next number of years. Take stock of where we politically find ourselves, our resources and structure and reflect on how working together with a renewed sense of comradeship can advance our shared objectives.
We are a small fish in a very large pond and in such circumstances being right is simply not enough. And yet we cannot simply revert to parochial commemorations and allow the counter revolutionary forces to dominate and control national events.
They have already initiated their programmes to cover these seminal centenaries and all are geared towards a revisionist interpretation. For them these centenaries are an awkward reminder that what those men and women fought for they are in default of. For us these centenaries are a stark reminder that we have failed in our endeavours and more so because we claim their mantle.
For republicans these events represent a challenge. That challenge must be taken up based on comradeship and mutual respect. Our meagre resources must cooperate with each other to mark these historic watersheds in the republican separatist manner in which they themselves were initiated.
2016 is a start point. From there we see the evolution of the republican project. The democratic endorsement of the 1918 General Election follows closely on. From there we have the establishment of Dáil Eireann, the Declaration of Independence, the War of Independence, the Second Dáil and the Anglo-Irish Treaty.
These are not disconnected events in history but form part of a family of events which shaped the constitutional status of our
country. And in only acting like a family can republicans hope to once and for all restore that status to our people. To invoke the wisdom of Wolf Tone: “Our freedom must be had at all hazards. If the men of property will not help us they must fall; we will free ourselves by the aid of that large and respectable class of the community – the men of no property.”
Beir Bua!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Today (30/06/15) members of Belfasts 32csm where in Short Strand again to inspect the damage caused to homes in Bryson street, paint attacks on st.mathews church and seperate houses around the area which have been targeted in the past few weeks by loyalist mobs.
We spoke with many residents of Bryson street about what has been happening and where disgusted to hear that even though these attacks are taking place day and night, the RUC and local elected representatives have done nothing t...o quell these acts of sectarian hatred.
The RUC this week swamped bryson and madrid street and proceeded to assault residents standing in their own gardens and arrested a young man of 17 for no good reason at all, this all took place while loyalists continued to bombard the same area from behind the peace wall and to no surprise the British police did nothing.
Last night things got really out of hand when flares and pipe bombs along with petrol bombs, paint bombs, bricks, bottles and bolts where among the items thrown into Bryson street. One flare landed beside the gas box at one home and another under a trampoline, both where luckily moved out of the way by the residents and its safe to say things could have been a lot worse had there been nobody around.
The 32csm stand firmly behind the people of Short Strand and although the media might be engaged in covering up the majority of these daily and nightly attacks, we will continue to highlight them and we offer our full support and help to residents.
Belfast 32 County Sovereignty Movement.


Thursday, 25 June 2015


Over the past year the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has grown exponentially particularly in Belfast where in the past few weeks a second cumann was formed which will be based in and focus on the west of the city. This growth gives rise to the fact that the politics and gerrymandering of Stormont, along with the 26 county free-state government, are continually and predictably failing the people of this island.
In 1998 SinnFein signed the so called ‘Good Friday Agreement’ and as such the provisional movement was suckered into a losing game with Britain and undermined at every turn. As predicted SinnFein endorsed every command given to them by their warlord masters and led blindly into a scenario from which they couldn’t retreat, as a consequence the very fabric of Irish Republicanism seemed to be hanging in the balance.
However, what they didn’t foresee was that the willingness of men and women dedicated to the true cause of Irish freedom could not be easily bought or defeated and so the struggle for national self-determination, sovereignty and a 32 county socialist republic was continued on with strength.
Over the years British politicians, with the help of media outlets, have bombarded the public with lie’s, false promises and black propaganda in the hope of demonising and criminalising republicans. They would also have us believe that the political situation in the north has been rectified and life is nothing short of perfect, although in reality this is far from the truth and can only be seen for what it really is, another piece of Britain’s normalisation policy within the occupied 6 counties.
This policy would have us believe that the colonial Brit war machine is gone, both militarily and politically, however Stormont remains the British government’s political powerhouse in the north and the British army remain garrisoned throughout the 6 counties, operating both covertly and in uniform in nationalist areas. It is clear this foreign army has little or no intentions of removing itself from Ireland’s shores anytime soon.
Another part of the normalisation charade was to rebrand the sectarian ‘RUC’ as a new police force and with a more neutral sounding name, the ‘PSNI’. In the eyes of working class nationalists this force is far from reformed but instead is still as sectarian and bigoted as ever. In the view of the British justice system a blind eye is turned so this force can have free reign to continue their attack on republican communities through the use of harassment, brutal assaults, house raids and false arrests on spurious charges. This amounts to one thing, political policing.
Another more sinister side to this British police force is their close working relationship with special branch and MI5, both of which run paid informers through our communities and continually intimidate and put the lively hoods of republicans under threat. These two secret agencies have both been implicated in the past for involvement in numerous murders of innocent catholics and widespread collusion with loyalist paramilitaries.
As republicans it is down to us on a local and national level to expose and highlight these wrong doings and to inform the working class republican communities on what is really happening and the truth behind the media cover ups.
In Belfast, along with every other part of this Island, the 32 county sovereignty movement will continue to make it clear that we will not accept in any way shape or form, the illegal occupation of our land by a foreign country and government and we will not stay quiet about the bolstering and upholding of British rule by a domestic enemy of the Irish people.
Some label us dissidents and others call us hoods and drug dealers, in reality we are not criminals, we are Irish Republicans who are dedicated to the freedom our country and wish to see the complete removal of British involvement from our shores and to one day be part of a united 32 county independent socialist republic.
Go Raibh Maith Agat.


  A member of the Belfast cumann was with his heavily pregnant partner at a local supermarket shopping for groceries, while waiting on a taxi at the front doors of the busy supermarket two RUC officers past the couple smirking and stood across from them constantly staring. After 5 minutes the taxi arrived for the couple and as they were climbing in the 2 RUC members approached and pulled the man away from the taxi telling him he ...was being searched under the terrorism act, this was purposely said as loud as possible in front of dozens of people so as to try demonise this innocent man.
One of the 2 RUC members proceeded to tell the taxi driver and this mans partner to move on and that "this is going to take a while", when the victim of this stop and search asked why he was being searched the reply to him was "your involved in terrorist acts", they then searched this man infront of everyone, took his phone and took all of this mans details.
After nearly 10 minutes the man was asked did he want a copy of the stop and search details and when he replied yes the police said with a smile, "sorry the phone has just refreshed itself you'll have to give us all your details again", this man then told these cops that they had all his details to which they responded "you either tell us them here or down in the station", this innocent man was pressed to give his details again and after another 5-10 minutes they told him the phone was playing up and he would have to go to the station to get a copy of the search card, needless to say this man walked off and climbed into his still waiting taxi and went home and will be contacting his solicitor in the morning to log it and get the copy of the search record.

We utterly condemn this act of public intimidation on a man who is already plagued by RUC harassment on a daily basis and call for everyone to reject this farcical British police force and their tactics on republicans.