"To break the connection with England" Wolfe Tone

Monday, 23 February 2015

Lies and black propaganda by the media.

Yesterday February 22, the ‘Sunday life’ released an article with the intentions of discrediting the 32csm in Belfast and personally slandering the name of one of our members Martin Rafferty.
This type of black propaganda is nothing new to republicans, although due to the nature and content of this article we would like to publicly respond to the lies and accusations made by Tony Allen (Sunday life).
It is evident that this article is in direct response to a protest held a fe...w weeks ago by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Belfast against a so called ‘community policing’ meeting being held in Ligoniel between Sinn Fein and the rebranded RUC. The Belfast WolfeTone/McCracken cumann made it clear to all in attendance that this meeting had nothing to do with the wellbeing or safety of the community but instead was a tactic to put a false face on the political policing of republican areas and a means for MI5/Special Branch to carry out their shadowy acts.
As a result of the protest we firmly believe that Sinn Fein have been rattled and are now attempting to discredit the 32csm by publicly slandering individual members and creating mislead rumours through the media.
This article by Tony Allen states that our chairman Martin Rafferty “ordered” flags to be placed on top of tower blocks in the NewLodge area. In response to this we would like to make it clear that the 32csm have for the last lot of years been maintaining and replacing our national flag on top of the NewLodge flats whenever it becomes damaged due to the weather.
Another spurious claim says that Martin is “overseeing a major recruitment drive across Belfast” and that we are “purposely targeting teenagers in republican areas who have little education or employment prospects”. This is a blatant lie, membership to the 32csm is open to all and nobody is “targeted” in any way because of their age.
The article goes on to state that “quite a few kids have already signed up and that is largely down to Marty, who despite being a militant is very charismatic, but the danger for these kids is that they end up being used”, this accusation as far as we are concerned is nothing short of a desperate act to blacken Martin’s name and demonise him in the public eye, we would love to know where exactly Tony Allen got his information from (more than likely Sinn Fein) as the youngest member of the Belfast cumann is in their early 20’s.
This type of slander and black propaganda will not deter us in any way from our course, if anything it will only encourage us and make us more determined than ever to continue and grow.
As for the farcical community policing meetings held in the future, we will continue to disrupt them and make our opposition clear on British political policing in Ireland and the facilitation of said meetings by Sinn Fein.
Belfast Cumann 32csm.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

As a result of the hard work, dedication and effort applied by newlodge locals with help from members of Belfast's 32 County Sovereignty Movement, the newlodge grotto has been reclaimed and restored to its former glory and with great delight the first mass in 25 years was held here tonight  (february 11) with a great response from local residents.This has been part of an initiative to reclaim and tidy up the newlodge area.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


On Wednesday 4th February 2015, members of Belfast's 32 County Sovereignty Movement Wolfetone/McCracken cumann along with residents of Ligoniel held a protest in the Ligoniel community centre were there was a meeting ongoing with Sinn Fein and the RUC/PSNI. Although we were able to enter the meeting we were still met by upwards of 30 heavily clad riot police who constantly recorded us on numerous handheld camcorders.
 Before this farce of a meeting started, members of Sinn Fein were sitting with the RUC/PSNI at dinner tables eating buns with their tea, joking around, laughing and having a good chat as though they were all the best of friends at a reunion.

 As soon as the panel of speakers had taken their seats at the head table our members approached and voiced our concerns about the facilitating of this farcical meeting in the Ligoniel area, an area harassed and terrorised by crown force bullies on a daily basis.
Throughout the meeting our members constantly drowned out the speakers voices with whistles and held posters portraying our opposition to British political policing in Ireland.

These meetings are masqueraded as a friendly, community help and support initiative when in reality they have nothing at all to do with helping our communities or the people living here, they are simply a means for crown forces (RUC/PSNI) and their shadowy counter parts within special branch and MI5, to worm their way into nationalist/republican areas under the false mask of "community policing".

When one of the main speakers at this 'charade' tried to undermine our members that this meeting was "to tackle anti-social behaviour", we immediately made it clear to her that this remark was totally  hypocritical and false as it is well known that anti-social elements within our communities are supported by MI5 and special branch, and that those who carry out acts such as house breaking, joyriding and drug dealing are handed a get out of jail free card in return for being used as informers against the working class people in our area's.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement utterly reject Britain's unaccountable political policing policy against Republicans in the occupied 6 counties and will continue to protest against such meetings in our communities, we will also continue to highlight the wrongful and unjustifiable facilitating of said meetings by Sinn Fein.

Belfast PRO.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Francie Mackey's letter published in the Irish News.

1916 proclamation needs to be realised not rewritten
With the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising fast approaching the 32 County Sovereignty Movement welcomes all genuine efforts to both mark and progress the core message of that seminal event. We are also mindful that there will be those who will seek to bury and distort that core message because it does not dovetail into present political positions....
The recent promotional video released by the Dublin Government ranks at the extreme end of the revisionist spectrum. Rightly castigated by their own historical adviser on the project the video nonetheless gave us an insight as to how the political establishment in the Twenty Six Counties State plans to mark the occasion.
More recently it has emerged that a group comprising of relatives of those who participated in 1916, along with artists and academics, has been formed with the stated aim of ‘Reclaiming the Vision of 1916’. At a recent press conference, chaired by artist Robert Ballagh, the group stated that it had ‘drafted a modern version of the Proclamation’. On what basis would it seek to do this? What is wrong with the draft as is written? What agenda requires interfering with the 1916 Proclamation?
These questions are salient because the Proclamation is the bedrock document upon which the insurgents instigated their rebellion in pursuit of its realisation.
Their actions were invoked by the Declaration of Independence in Dáil Eireann, democratically ratified by the Irish people in the 1918 General Election. The Proclamation is also the cornerstone of the legal challenge currently lodged with the United Nations challenging Britain’s continuing violation of Irish sovereignty.
As National Chairperson of the 32CSM it is incumbent upon me to ask of this group; are your efforts to draft a new proclamation an attempt to reconcile the Good Friday Agreement with the existing draft or are they an attempt to diffuse or divert from the basic fact that Partition and the Proclamation cannot be reconciled?
I openly invite Mr Ballagh and any other representatives of this group to meet with me and explain their thinking because given the level of revisionist din that will no doubt surround the Centenary clear voices are essential to honour those of Easter Week with the same clarity by which they spoke to us.