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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Republicans accuse MI5 of being behind threats

32 County Sovereignty Movement

Republicans accuse MI5 of being behind PSNI/RUC threats.

Two members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Belfast have accused the British security services of being behind threats they received from the PSNI/RUC indicating that ‘Criminal Elements’ were going to take some form of action against them.
The men, from North and East Belfast told the 32 County Sovereignty Movement that while the threats were worrying, they believed that they were either emanating from within MI5 or being pushed by them through their agents in the Criminal underworld in order to pressurise Republicans to cease carrying out the work they have being doing within the Republican community on issues such as anti social behaviour, underage drinking, poverty and the drugs scourge.
One of the men, who did not want to be identified stated “ I believe that these are attempts to force us to go home and close the doors and to stop us from our work as Republicans in the community, they will not work. As Republicans we are always under threat from somebody whether that be Loyalists, criminal gangs or indeed the biggest criminals of all, the forces of the British occupation in Ireland which is who we believe are behind these threats”
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement advise all Republicans to be vigilant in light of these threats and the threats last week against a member in North Armagh.