"To break the connection with England" Wolfe Tone

Sunday, 24 July 2011

In a blatant attempt to disguise the political reality that internment is in use the British authorities have brought fabricated charges against republican Marian Price to portray her detention as being ordered by a court and not a British Minister. This same British Minister has interned others, including Brendan Lillis, who is critically ill, and all calls for his immediate release have fallen on deaf and indifferent ears. Is this the so called new beginning widely hailed by those who are administrators of this insidious regime?
Marian Price was interned on the day the micro ministers in Stormont were appointing another puppet, a so called ‘Justice Minister’; these charges also protect that position from exposure as being a toothless fa├žade. Nothing has changed. The criminalisation policy of the British government towards Irish republicans continues as does our steadfast resistance to it. These actions demonstrate clearly the failure of the so called peace process to address the root cause of the conflict. The 32CSM calls for the immediate release of Marian Price, Brendan Lillis and all political detainees. We call for the implementation of the agreement in Maghaberry and an immediate end to political policing.