"To break the connection with England" Wolfe Tone

Thursday, 7 June 2012

32 CSM supports communities abused by the PSNI/RUC

The systematic abuse and brutality against defenceless families and communities by the PSNI/RUC further demonstrates how the British Policing project of name change hasn’t changed anything.

This systematic abuse against individuals and communities is recorded across the occupied 6 Counties in areas like Strabane, Omagh, Lurgan, Newry, East Tyrone, Fermanagh and Derry.

The latest in a long line of attacks took place in Derry over a number of days whereby family homes were attacked by the PSNI/RUC. Mothers, wives, children were violently brutalised by these so called upholders of the law.

Children’s games, computers and schoolwork in USB pens were seized in these vindictive raids.

In one such raid a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (CSM) was arrested and taken to Antrim barracks for questioning and later released without charge. The main nature of his questioning was about organising peaceful protests.

Such was the nature of his questioning that it is clear the police are intent on abusing their power to silence not alone opposition to British Rule in Ireland but to attempt to portray that peoples right to freedom of expression and freedom to protest against the violation of human rights is illegal.

The three days of attacks in Derry shows clearly the charm offensive by the PSNI is over and the true RUC is back with a vengeance.

When the local community rallied to the support of the families suffering this abuse the PSNI attacked them. The anger and frustration of the local people was visible as youths in the area challenged this force in riot gear with stones and bottles.

It is clear to that community that the PSNI/RUC went into the Creggan area in riot gear to stir up trouble but the main victims were women and children who were brutalised in their own homes.

The PSNI have adopted a systematic policy of abuse and brutality across the country. They freely target communities and individuals and we hear of this on a daily basis in recent times.

Some young people are attacked on sight when they leave their homes. They are usually beaten and pushed into the ground face down irrespective of the surface conditions.

I pay tribute to the communities who have stood up against this police brutality and who have shown support for the victims. The communities who have held rallies against this abuse must be commended for exposing and publicising such brutality even when such rallies are attacked by the police to quell opposition to their abuse.

Sadly this is what is experienced more frequently and it is a shame on our politicians who have remained silent throughout.

The communities who are the victims of this abuse have clearly shown their anger and frustration and are deserving of support in whatever way to bring British Political Policing to an end.

The PSNI do not have the support of the people no matter how they dress it up with their propaganda attempts to normalise their behaviour. They are beyond reforming because such political policing equates to British policing when our sovereignty is violated. The violation of Irish Sovereignty leads to the violation of the rights of our communities as we witnessed in Derry over the weekend.

The 32 CSM stands alongside these communities who are experiencing such brutality and it is clear the PSNI, like the RUC, is not acceptable and never will.