"To break the connection with England" Wolfe Tone

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Over the course of the last number of months it has became evidently clear that policing in the north of Ireland remains politically motivated ,sectarian and that the PSNI/RUC are unworthy of the Nationalist communities support .

We have all witnessed the British police facilitate illegal sectarian marches on a weekly basis throughout the six counties and stand idly by as a handful of loyalist protesters are allowed to block main roads , this is in stark contrast to the treatment meted out to nationalists who peacefully protest at unwanted sectarian parades through their areas .Attacks on vulnerable working class nationalist communities have also occurred in the very presence of the PSNI/RUC who as per usual turned their batons on the nationalist community.

Some from within our own communities would try to sell this rebranded RUC to us a new credible police service, although as witnessed in recent weeks nothing could be further from the truth. We in the 32csm applaud the resilience of the nationalist community who remain victims of state harassment, are subject to constant house raids, much of which goes unreported on a daily basis. Recent meetings in places such as Ardoyne and Derry have shown that the Nationalist community have no confidence in the PSNI/RUC and that the nationalist community remains opposed to British policing as before – RIC – RUC – PSNI – 100% BRITISH !